UCC Meeting on 17th March 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-03-17

Meeting opened at 13:09.



[MPT] [TEC] [MLG] [PQZ] Nicholas [ Cormac [



Confirmation of minutes from 2020-03-09

  • [MPT] minutes confirmed.

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Am still the President
  • What a week
  • Tenancy reallocation discussions underway
  • Let's get good stuff done 2020
  • Need a drinks run today. Coke and mountain dew
  • MPT/MLG less money sitting in the safe
  • Need to sign over Westpac accounts

Vice President's Report

  • Tenancy, tenancy, tenancy

Secretary's Report

  • hello! looking forward to learning a lot about ucc
  • keen to keep online presence up to date
  • hoping to see short events/talks this year by cs majors
  • encourage comp sci students to give short talks about their projects
  • i'm told arduino can be fun and easy for a hands on thing

Treasurer's Report

  • Thought the meeting was tomorrow but somehow rocked up
  • Handover has happened
  • Safe money has been deposited
  • [THA] to provide Treasurer's Report

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Door system could be more regular / regular hours for access to door
  • Enjoyed LAN, more LANS are a good idea
  • [BRD] needs a TLA
  • So does Nic

OCM Reports

[MVP] Artemis LAN happened and was good
- details to follow
If we do a new WhenIsGood, please note my availability on weekdays starts at 6.30PM
It is important that amongst the chaos we still do things
With that in mind, Can we look at a food run (If it hasn't been done already)

Machine Technical Reports


  • Servers are serving (heil)


  • Net works


  • Cobra is still having graphics issues
  • Clownfish is having graphics issues under windows
  • Porcupune login issues


New equipment

  • New hand sanitizer and wipes, pls use
  • New committee!

Drinks and Snacks

  • Need to get more!
    • They go pretty quick...
    • Coke and Mountain Dew required

[MPT] motion to keep $300 Standing Budget for Drinks and Snacks (/week)
- [MLG] seconds
- passes unanimously

External Entities


  • Not checked this week
  • Keys are now available, so no longer a problem
  • Antibacterial wipes available from guild


  • Tenancy reallocations
  • Alternative clubroom arrangement
  • Appeal due by Friday 20/3/20 COB

- Motion to write up and submit and appeal
- [MPT] amended that the appeal will happen if conditions for alt clubroom not met
- [MPT] seconded with amendment
- Passes unanimously

[TEC] conditions
** Requirements for new clubroom to be Tenable
UCC would like to accept the offer of the stated new clubroom in the Guild
commercial space, subject to the following conditions
- The proposed clubroom would need to either meet, or be retrofitted to meet
(with minimal expenditure, as we cannot afford a significant outlay on a
temporary room) the technical requirements of the club, namely:
+ X many power points, capable of providing a net power draw of Y kilowatts
+ Cooling, and physical security for our servers
+ A gigabit connection
+ Sufficient space that we can retain our equipment without significantly downsizing
- Should the lease on the clubroom lapse before the next tenancy allocations,
UCC would need some guarantee that we wouldn't be left high and dry
- The inaccurate statements made in the Tenancy Allocations result letter need
to be removed, via a formal amendment which reflects the current offer
- We would also need to know whether these conditions can be met before the
appeals cut-off, or have this option still be on the table beyond it.
- This needs to be put in writing

- ACTION [AAA] to follow up re: potential ezone move
- ACTION [MPT] to follow up with SOC re: alt arrangements

- During negotiations with tenancy keep discussions with guild/uwa positive
- Letters to not be forwarded by committee unless appeal lodged

- ACTION nic/[BRD]/[PQZ]/[TEC] to apply for door

Other Affairs

  • Coronavirus preparations
    • Emails from University and Guild
    • Reasonable precautions?
    • In case of Uni shutdown?

[MPT] If there is a university shut down, limit club activites to
- committee / wheel business
- operations for essential operation



  • Minutes?
    • We have them
  • Need to publish them
  • Need to run through last edit
  • ACTION [MLG]/[PQZ] to publish

Artemis LAN

  • "unresounding success"

[MVP] Artemis LAN was a brilliant event.
We had about 20 ppl (probs a bit under)
- This was 4 ships, spread across the UCC clubroom, the Loft, and Unigames clubroom
Huge thanks to:
- [DIE] for organising games and running the show
- [MPT] for technical support
- Unigames for letting us use their clubroom for additional space
- UniSFA and Unigames for cross promoting the event
12pm for 1pm start was not advertised but worked in our favour
- Was surprised by people actually arriving at 12...
- Able to get tech issues and game file distribution done
- First game started a bit before 1pm
We finished up a bit before 5pm

We could not have run this event without UCC's existing infrastructure
 - We would be ENTIRELY dependant on attendees bringing their own computers (No Clubroom PCs)
 - Have been advised Unifi would not have routed traffic well, would have had massive networking issues
 - We would have had to book multiple rooms or the whole CCZ to meet the space requirement

This is a really good event and we should try to keep it up our sleeves for future years
 - [GOZ] suggested we take a look at EMPTY EPSILON, which is a similar project but its fully open source
 - Intial check out looks neat and whilst similar to (and inspired by) Artemis, should offer a different enough experience
  • Discussed holding virtual LAN if uni shutdown

Tech Talk 1: Intro to SDR

  • Need to cancel event
  • Can't action something you never advertised :D
  • [MPT] to commit to a Sem 1 Tech Talk O N L I N E

Action Items from 2020-03-09

  • [THA] If not above, plz do before AGM.

  • [TEC] ACTION to organise cataloging the clubroom

General Business

  • [DAS]: [DAS]'s request to borrow the Vive

    • [MVP]: This is a good idea as long as we can ensure the gear is looked after
      Good to get the Vive more use than once or twice a year for a Vigil.
      Won't hurt to investigate new VR titles.
    • [MPT]: Some sort of reasonable bond?
    • [MLG]: UCC doesn't hold bond for borrowing other expensive equipment
  • [PQZ] suggestion to make borrowing process more formal

  • [MPT] Out of pockets expenses to be covered in the event of loss / damage

  • [MPT] ACTION to look at expenses of borrowing items

  • [MLG] want to make sure Vive is insured out of clubroom before approving request

[MLG] + [MPT]
- ACTION submit a list of valuable items to guild to be covered by contents insurance
- Draft document for borrowing items

Meeting closed at 13:56

Current Action Items

- to look at expenses of borrowing items
- with [MLG] submit a list of valuable items to guild to be covered by contents insurance
- cancel not advertising Tech Talk 1
- Follow up with SOC re : alt space for clubroom

- Complete draft appeal for tenancy by Thursday
- Start thinking about UCC clubroom catalogue

- Drinks Run?
- To publish AGM minutes

- investigate potential rooms in ezone for clubroom

nic/[BRD]/[PQZ]/[TEC] to apply for door

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