UCC AGM 2020 Minutes - 11th March 2020

UCC AGM 2020

Thanks to [TBB] for taking the minutes at the AGM held 2020-03-11


Member Attendance

- [333] Dylan Hicks
- [AAA] Charlie Owens (OCM)
- [ALI] Alistair Langton
- [BOB] Bob Adamson
- [BRD] Cormac Sharkey
- [CFE] Zack Wong
- [CHB] Alden Bong
- [CHS] Oscar Hermoso
- [DAS] Donald Sutherland
- [DBA] David Adams
- [EED] Alistair McLeod
- [JDN] Jordan Meerwald
- [LCY] Lo Chien-Yi
- [LIB] Edward Kammann
- [MLG] Grace Rosario (Secretary)
- [MPB] Mark Bastin
- [MPT] James Arcus (President, Chair)
- [MTL] Mark Tearle
- [MVP] Matt Winslade (OCM)
- [PQZ] Alexie Wallace
- [TAY] Taylor Home
- [TBB] Alfred Burgess
- [TEC] Timothy Chapman (Vice President)
- [THA] Thomas Hill Almeida (Treasurer)
- [UMP] Chris Scherini
-  CC:  Chayan Chattejee
-  JPA: John Paul Acres
-  MS:  Mark Swan
-  NC:  Nicholas Clements

Non-Member Attendance

- [ACE] Alaura Evens
- [GOZ] Andrew Gozzard
-  GT:  Gavin Tay
-  NP:  Nicholas Pritchard

Meeting opened 17:35

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Busy Bee

    • Thank you for everyone who showed up to last busy bee on Saturday
    • The room is a lot better off for it
    • In the worst case, it's good to be clean
  • Topic of the day: Tenancy reapplication

    • Every 3 years all clubs must reapply for clubrooms and storage space
    • Unfortunately we were rejected [for our clubroom]
    • This has caused a big shake up of clubs in Cameron Hall
    • No specific details have been given out yet
    • This new was delivered to [MPT] Friday afternoon (2020-03-06 @1500) as about
      to head home
      • This has been in discussion among affected clubs since
      • "In a way, it has brought as all together"
      • We are currently working on the problem
      • No matter the result of this election; the current committee will be
        happy to help out
    • Lots of planning will be required over the next few weeks
    • Jacob (of the Societies Council) has agreed to meet with the executives
      of the affected clubs on (2020-03-10 @1400)
  • IP Address purchase

    • We have concluded our purchase now.
    • We have spent a total of $16500 on acquiring 512 IP addresses
    • We also spent $200 on the first years maintenance fee to the authority
      that manages it
   [GOZ]: What is the IP Range?

   [MPT]: We got 202.something... 

   [GOZ]: A valid answer is ask DNS 
  • More on IP purchase:

    • It's fully portable which means we can bring it to any system or provider
      that we set up with or contract with
    • We will probably start off with bringing some of it to AWS;
      • that is free
    • but that is up to technical discussion with next committee
    • The path to use it is nearly there
    • There are a few more registrations to finish off with the way it is
      divided up
    • The range is a special type of historical IP address that needed a few
      hoops to jump through to keep it at the low $200/year renewal rate
    • Was planning to release and finalise last week;
    • Got pushed back due to tenancy concerns
    • We will try and get that done within a week or two at the worst
  • Other business

    • Thank you for all the committee, everyone who has worked with committee,
      people who stepped up to fill some of the vacancies throughout the year.
    • The tenancy casted a bit of a shadow over pretty much the whole process.
      • It's been taking up most of our time since Friday
      • We had some good plans for some events
  • Artemis LAN this weekend
    • We were set up for pretty good 2020 and don't want to lose that

Vice President's Report

  • Over coming weeks, Tenancy will be the dominant concern
    • Throughout [Tenancy] there are two things desired to happen:
  • For the rest of the clubs activities to continue as normal and Tenancy
    not to push out the normal day-to-day operations of the club
  • We are currently running on limited to no information;
    • Tenancy has only told us "you're gone", other clubs "you're moving"
    • You may hear rumours or speculation
    • At this point we want to proceed in a very considered manner
    • Please take that into consideration with what you hear and what you
      decide to share

Secretary's Report

  • Came in as secretary part way through the year
    • Did minutes and made sure people make things happened on time as per promised
    • Will not be coming back this year for committee because of studies
  • Wishes the 2020 committee the best of luck
  • Hopefully we can have a sUCCessful 2020
  • [MLG] later returns as treasurer

Treasurer's Report

[THA]: "Kill me"

  • [THA] is overloading, has a part time job and is tutoring a unit
  • Will also not be rejoining committee for 2020
  • We spent $17000 on our term deposit
    • We have somehow ended up with not too much of a deficit
  • Net assets: $71000 [approximately]
    • Guild account: $3246.84
    • Mastercard: $0.20
    • Cheque: $2263.02
    • Westpac cash reserve: $5632.58
  • 2/3 term deposits remaining
    • Term deposits will look like we get a lot of money from them every year
    • We get roughly $45/month interest
      (>-) Considering the amount of money we put back into it at the start of the
      year, it works out to be roughly $500/yr
    • Safe: $2604.75
      • Reason safe is full: Westpac closes at 16:00
  • Revenue: $8651.43 (not including the IP range)
  • 2019 profit: $1500 (approximate)
    • If we lose the clubroom:
    • Highly unlikely to run dispense
    • Dispense liability: $5100
    • We will be losing roughly $5500 of revenue
    • $2250 profit
  • Expenses: $7185 Not including IP range purchase
    • IP range was counted as a transaction to 'Tools'
    • Food & drink: $3263.50
  • Square surcharge: $something?
    • Will be calculated
  • We will definitely not be profitable in 2020

    • There will be no way we can purchase anything and have the books be happy
    • We will probably burn through our $71000 of assets very quickly
  • Other than treasury stuff, it was an interesting year to be put lightly

    • Lots of drama
    • Hopefully this year will be not as bad
  • With Tenancy being as it has been; we have the UCC curse where drama
    starts as soon as the year does
    • Hopefully it doesn't continue late into the year
    • "Pray for us please"

OCMs' Reports


Not present


  • Joined about half way though year
  • Was able to do a charity event
    • It went good


Reminder: as no motions are listed on the agenda, we can not vote on any
items at this meeting. Committee can answer questions and will be open for
discussion after the elections.

  • [GOZ] moves to remove seconds for the duration of the elections
  • [MPT] seconds
  • Passes

Appointment of Returning Officers

  • [MLG] nominates [BOB] → Accepts
  • [TAY] nominates [GOZ] → Accepts
  • [TAY] nominates NP → Accepts
  • [LIB] nominates [ACE] → Accepts

  • [MPT] moves to conduct approval voting to elect 2 returning officers

    • [GOZ] withdraws nomination
    • NP and [BOB] are appointed as returning officers
  • [MPT] moves to suspend standing orders

  • Passes



  • The primary public face of the club
  • To conduct relations of the club to other organisations and the public
  • To coordinated the work of the committee
  • To generally carry out the policy, rules etc. of the club and to carry out
    the instructions of the club

Standing Nominations

  • [MPT]


  • [TAY] nominates [UMP] → Declines
  • [LIB] nominates [YAT] → Declines


[MPT] wins by default

Vice President


  • President Boogaloo if the president is away
  • To assist the president
  • To carry out role of committee
  • Keeps the president and committee in check

Standing Nominations

  • [TEC]


  • [DAS] nominates [CFE] → Declines
  • [THA] nominates [AAA] → Declines
  • [THA] nominates [DBA] → Declines


[TEC] wins by default

[BOB] does not think the lack of competition is because no one wants to do it; 
but because they [are] doing a good job

*** Room was been double booked by Guild. Meeting was put on hold while booking was confirmed. Booking was confirmed for 17:30 - 19:00 & double booking with other club resolved. We will finish our election and then hand over the room to them since their booking also appears to be valid. ***



  • Write minutes
  • Create events
  • Point of communication both internal and external to the club
  • In charge of keeping lines of communication open
  • In charge of making sure committee knows what is going on in between meetings

Standing Nominations



  • [MLG] nominates [PQZ] → Accepts
  • [THA] nominates [AAA] → Declines
  • [LIB] nominates GT → Declines
  • [JDN] nominates [TBB] → Ineligible
  • [THA] nominates [CHB] → Declines
  • [MPT] nominates [DBA] → Accepts
  • [LCY] nominates [CFE] → Declines



  • Completed Bachelor of Arts & Science at UWA
  • Enrolled in a diploma in physics
  • On the Golden Key UWA committee as VP and webmaster
  • Motivated to learn more about comp sci
  • Just finished neuroscience hons
  • Interested in computers and programming


  • Accepted for purposes of there is choice
  • Education Vice President of Makers UWA
  • Currently organises a team of 7 people so knows how to organise things
  • OCM for Programming Competition Society
  • Secretary for PCS in 2019
  • Has been on the Makers committee since first year (a long time ago)
  • Overloading this semester


Q. ???: If unsUCCessful; will you run again for another position?

[PQZ]: OCM, maybe
[DBA]: if no one else, then yes

Q. [TAY]: Do you have any experience with Guild affiliated clubs?

      [PQZ]: Golden Key is affiliated with UWA but is not Guild affiliated
      Last year guild did not let GK run an O-day stall, but this year we held a stall as a registered charity
      Motivated to improve relations between *Golden Key* and Guild
      Wants to have a role on campus that works well with Guild 

Q. [BOB]: What does Golden Key do?

[PQZ]: Golden Key is an honour society, you can only get an invite to join.
We are hoping to run events that benefit non-members as well.
For eg., last year had a climate change discussion for all to join.
We want to have events that include non-members as well.

[DBA] withdraws


[PQZ] wins by default



  • Watch money and watch it go by
    • Wish you have money (personally you)
  • UCC has a lot of assets and money
    • It's a both a blessing and a curse
      • It's a blessing in that we are able to do a lot with it
      • It's a curse as it's a lot to manage
  • Generally not difficult as a job
    • Mostly count money in safe and watch dispense logs
    • almost no one ever cheats dispense
  • Make sure that you keep on top of things
  • One of the reasons it was difficult this year
  • [THA] was away for all of summer and winter holidays
    • If you leave that long; things pile up very quickly
    • If you intend to go away for a long period of time either don't run or put someone else in charge
  • Roughly 1hr work / month
    • Occasionally has to work with inter-club events subcommittee representatives
  • It is actually very very easy as long as you stay roughly on top of things and don't spend too much money

[BOB]: This year will be pretty important for the treasurer role if we do lose the clubroom

Standing Nominations:



  • [ALI] nominates [AAA] → Accepts
  • [DAS] nominates [CFE] → Declines
  • [DAS] nominates [DBA] → Declines
  • [MLG] nominates [MLG] → Accepted (self)
  • [LCY] nominates [MVP] → Ineligible
  • [MPT] nominates [DAS] → Declines
  • ??? nominates [JDM] → Declines
  • ??? nominates [UMP] → Declines
  • [LIB] nominates [ALI] → Declines



  • "I like money"
  • Can relatively budget well in home life
  • Doesn't have a HECS debt yet
  • 3rd year of uni and worked throughout the holiday
  • Hate the government and hate debts
  • Very good at budgeting
  • No experience but always been kind of interested


  • Without being on this committee, would be first time in 10 years of not being
    on a committee and it'll be weird
  • Want to do treasurer training and is studying economics
  • Applying for grad jobs and it looks really good to have continued community
    experience for 10yr
  • Has never done treasurer and wants to learn it
  • Has to leave


Q. NP: Will you run for other positions?

[AAA]: Yes

 [MLG]: No

Q. [TAY]: Do you have any opinions on cash expenditure in terms of the term deposits, and what are you going to do if UCC does not get its clubroom?

   [AAA]: Buy a boat, no real ideas

   [MLG]: Will call a (UCC) SGM; suggests to buy a bus + park it in one of the free bus spots at UWA and use bus as new clubroom
  • [MLG] leaves 18:20


[MLG] wins

Fresher Representative


  • To represent the freshers of the club
  • To try get the freshers more involved with the club
  • To introduce the freshers to the club
  • To try and make next year more smooth

Standing Nominations

  • [BRD]
  • {Adarsh} (not present)


  • [CHS] nominates {Chayan} → Declines
  • [BRD] nominates NC → Declines



  • Computer Science fresher
  • Also running for OCM
  • Joined fairly early
  • Interested in how it works and the committee


  • Not present
  • No proxy


Q. [ALI] UCC Username?

Q. [BOB] Techy or Gamer?

BRD: {Cormac} Very Interested in tech but also in that tech to host hosting game servers. In terms of hours; games. Recently hasn't been playing too many games. Doesn't know best way to answer the question.

Q. [TAY] Anythng in UCC you would change/add?

BRD: {Cormac} for a lot of members; it's kind of hard to get in. Even getting to Cameron Hall is difficult.

Q. [ACE] In the possibility that UCC doesn't have a room; do you have any ideas of how you could engage freshers?

[BRD]: {Cormac} Willing to take on; but not sure how sUCCessful will be.


[BRD] wins

Ordinary Committee Members (3 positions)


  • Help
  • Pack-horse
  • You get to have a say
  • You do not need to be good at computers

Standing Nominations

  • [BRD] withdrawn


  • [THA] nominates [MVP] → Accepts
  • NC nominates NC → Accepts (self)
  • [DAS] nominates [LCY] → Declines
  • [THA] nominates [AAA] → Accepts
  • [DAS] nominates [CFE] → Declines
  • [THA] nominates [DBA] → Accepts
  • ??? nominates [MTL] → Declines
  • ??? nominates [UMP] → Accepts
  • [ZFE] nominates [333] → Declines
  • [JDN] nominates [CHS] → Declines



  • previous committee and has lots of plans
  • all the wiser and better at what he does
  • only available outside work hours
  • espite this, has proven can deliver


  • fresher
  • will do what he can to help out
  • at university so has a lot of free time available


  • been on committee
  • likes committee
  • likes computers
  • Wants to see us sUCCeed
  • wants to be on committee


  • Been on committee
  • been on way too many committee s
  • If doesn't get an OCM will try do what he wants to do through wheel instead
  • like to think he knows what doing


  • Has been on (non-UCC) committees
  • Scenario planning and implementation for clubroom outcome


Q. [TEC] Confidence for attending committee meetings?

[MVP] Has a full time job but still nailed duties last year.

{Nicholas} Attend all outside of classes.

[AAA]: Doing computer science and all classes are optional.

[DBA]: Plans week by the hour; can make time.

[UMP]: Monday/Tuesday/Weekends available.

Q. [TAY] Do you intend to run for committee or an executive position?

[MVP]: No intention to go out of way but if need will do it; can not do executive roles
Nicholas: will run for exec later

[AAA] Executive position in 2021

[DBA]: Will play the numbers game and will fill rules

[UMP]: Can not run for executive next year

Q. [ACE] Any particular areas you desire to focus on?

[MVP]: 2019 goal is to make committee desirable. Feels sUCCeeded right up until the tenancy reapplications. Will continue to try run events.

{Nicholas}: will fill any hole that is needed and will do any job.

[AAA]: all aspects of the club / general man power.

[DBA]: There are a lot of projects that are very very cool by past members that a lot of newer members don't know about. Want to see newer members to get involved with old projects.

[UMP]: Scenario planning and implementation based on what happens with the clubroom.

Q. [333]: How interested would you be in running a camp regardless of clubroom outcome

[MVP]: camp is from experience fickle; Trying to organise for midyear now will not be able to be done without immense sacrifice. Camp 2021 Maybe.

[Nicholas]: Wouldn't know how to prepare one. Would do what is required if it does go ahead. Doesn't know what would have to do.

[AAA]: Interested in camping. In committee  of Rovers (Adult Scouts). Runs camps about once a month.

[DBA]: heavily involved in first camp to not happen. knows why it failed
definitely still within means to run a camp especially with the current freshers
would be a good opportunity to engage freshers.

[UMP] : yes

[MPT]: ? no particular feel for desire on committee


[MVP], NC, [AAA] win

[MPT] motion to reinstate standing orders

→ passes

Tenancy Discussion

Tenancy Allocation Outcome

  • Tenancy rejection email state that "deemed unlikely that the capacity of UCC to realise its objects [sic] of the club would be hindered without a clubroom"
    • This is 100% not the case
  • A large amount of the club relies on:
    • having space to run events
    • work on projects
    • social activities
    • conduct our educational talks
    • house & use our tools
  • Email from Tenancy stated that no clubroom is needed since "Members can access the clubs infrastructure remotely."
    • Not possible if the infrastructure doesn't exist
    • There needs to be a physical location for it to exist
    • The only viabile location for it is the university
      • Anywhere else we could put it would not be free
      • Anywhere else we put it would quite literally cost us $1000s/month
  • The fact that we have the university internet for free and that Uni IT cooperates with us we are very thankful for
    • Computer labs do not give anywhere near same level of facility as our machines do
  • Part of the things we do are:
    • Building and breaking down machines
    • There is the hardware aspect of UCC
  • The level of access we have is far greater than those on the university computers in terms of installing programs and administration
    • Some of the stuff we do will be deemed very inappropriate to do on a university computer
    • The university is not going to change the software on their machines for one person's private project
  • We have many members who come to our club because the university computers are unsatisfactory
    • Various courses do not have the software require to complete the course on the university computers
    • UCC has been a place to offer this service
    • There is no way IT would ever let us manage their user's server whereas we do on our own.


  • Can't minimise experience with having physical machines to work on
  • The club has looked at moving the machine room in the past but it was deemed unfeasible and a big loss to the club
  • The university computers are restricted to the point where certain courses can't run


  • PCS's bill for running their services is $56/month with no storage
  • If we wanted to run our services on the cloud; we would be one or two orders of magnitude greater than that


  • There are issues with various units, notably CS units & the networking unit
  • These have been in very serious talks with the university in regards to IT
  • Can't complete unit course material at uni in how it is currently set up
  • If you're already unable to do get this changed for a course you're paying 100's of 1000's of dollars for, there is no way they would change it for a club


  • If we wanted to set up something like that, it would just be a matter of putting in the time and effort


  • Anyone who has graduated from UWA, you are a member of Convocation
  • There is a convocation meeting on the 20th [2020-03-20]
    • Cancelled due to Covid-19
    • has been rescheduled to Friday 2020-04-24 18:30 via Zoom
    • We are hoping to get as many old and midguard and as many UCCans to go to this meeting
    • We are planning to ask some difficult questions
    • We are planning on writing letters
    • Please keep the date free if you can


  • At some stage we will be asking to get statements from past students and members:

    "What has the club done for you that you wouldn't have been able to do otherwise"
    "As a student, how has the club contributed to your education"
    "As a graduate, how did the club contribute to your education while you were here."


  • The guild only really cares about current students however the university cares about past students and its graduates


  • For graduates; you can show the guild that UCC has a proven track record of serving students well
    • We have had the same clubroom in Cameron Hall since 1991
    • Before that we were in guild building (down the hallway from Guild Council Meeting Room)
    • Moved to current spot in 1991/1992
    • History document on the website says from sometime in the 1970s

Questions about tenancy

Q. [ACE]: Worst case scenario where the club loses it's clubroom; What is the situation?

[MPT]: We are also proceeding with alternative options around the university. Also talking with CSSC and with EMS. We don't know the feasibility of these options. If the club has no clubroom, the club can not operate as it currently does. Plenty of clubs operate without a clubroom. The UCC would survive but would be a shadow of its former self. [MPT] does not foresee the club lapsing.

[ACE]: Gavin Opinions on using computer labs for events

Q. [TAY]: There has been an effort with other clubs who are using UCC services to try and organise a meeting with Tenancy and UCC committee to discuss the effect that losing UCC services will have on those clubs...

[MPT]: We are working with other clubs who have come to in part rely on our infrastructure to make something work for the best possible outcome.We could reasonably charge $100s for the services we provide and it would still be the cheapest option.

[THA]: We could easily make it so our biggest source of profit is no longer food & drink.

Q. [TAY]: In the process of appeals, one possible outcome is a compromised solution. What is the general feeling on a compromised clubroom?

???: Smaller space: Workable. Not good but workable.Sharing a space: if it's the best outcome; we would have to make it work. Anything is better than nothing. This is not really an acceptable outcome. 

Q. [333]: Where do we put our server gear in the event of a smaller clubroom?

[TAY]: One of the things mentioned in the tenancy email is issues of non-compliance with building regulations. We are 99% sure this is in reference to the machine room but no confirmation has been given. We have never received any form of information or citation regarding non-compliance before this email. Even in the event that we remain in the same location, it is possible that the machine room would have to go. If it is an issue about the machine room, it seems unlikely as it is a temporary structure.

[333]: It's been mentioned that supposedly the machine room has a room number.

[GOZ]: It was put on and then taken off.

[TAY]: No map I have seen has the machine room with a room number.

[TBB]: If it does have a room number, it would have been in reference to the UWA Security's maps.

Q. [BOB] Have we considered exploring other options even if we do get to keep the room?

???: We do have the memberbase and infrastructure to run two concurrent clubrooms. This would give us a little big of immunity from guild masterplan.

[TAY]: In the event that our appeal is sUCCessful and we remain in the current clubroom and we get an additional space elsewhere in the university, we would almost certainly lose our clubroom in the next full reallocations. Whether or not the club has space elsewhere on campus is a factor that is taken into consideration by tenancy committee.

[MPT]: Not going to stop exploring options of moving into external locations if available. If guild comes back with a small room, it may be our best option to move.

Q. [ACE]: If the only option ends up being a space that is quite small, would we lean towards trying to have servers and other things or would we go all in and become services only?

 [MPT]: Fundamentally  the machine room could be smaller...it is how it is because how it is. We only really need 1/2 a rack.

[CHS]: If our serves moved to an external location; our infrastructure becomes effectively invisible to the club.

[BOB]: The machine room was built in a time where servers were a lot bigger. We required 3 racks in the past when we build it. Technology has advanced to a point where we could run UCC off 1 machine if we were desperate.

Q. [TAY]: Is UCC going to get into contact with IT in regards to the Communications room in Cameron Hall?

Unsure of who even is meant to control of that space.

[CHS]: It's specifically under control of UNI IT and it's a security risk for students to have access. The only time we were able to get access it was by mistake and guild got in trouble.

[TAY]: No, they've been giving access now. Security will just let people in.

[CHS]: In the 2017 committee, when we were exploring alternatives for space, access to that room ended up getting heavily investigated...

[TAY]: Even though the university keeps a lot of valuable stuff in the room, the space is allocated to the Guild. In terms of who the space belongs to and who is allowed to keep stuff there... ???

[MPT]: The communications room currently has:
   - 2 terminated fiber bundles
   - Uni switches which drive Unifi
   - One fiber connects to UCC's switch which is connected to the clubroom
   - The Rack that everything sits on is UCC's

[MPT]: It would depend on how the question is asked to Uni IT for the use of the space.

[TAY]: Cameron hall is unique as it is a building owned by the University where all the space is allocated to the Guild. Neither wants to put money into the building for maintanance. Every time the topic of who can have their stuff where, it becomes an argument of 'oh, this is my space so I get to do this to it.'

In 2017, [TAY] had to stop Uni IT from changing the locks on the door.

  • GT leaves @19:19

  • [MPT] asks for last points

Q.[BOB] What questions would you like to ask the membership at an GM?

[MPT] Would appreciate people to read over drafts, would be asking for letters.

[MPT] What is the aspect of the club that you would not want to loose as UCC drops in size.

[TAY]: UniGames being able to stream.

[ALI]: Server Hosting.

[BOB]: Couches and a tinkering space.

[333]: Server/network infrastructure and the fact that most of our members have an opportunity to work, tinker and break it.

[CHS]: workbench/tool-space, couches and microwave.

[TBB]: Some form of a sandbox for any part of the clubs goals.

[ACE]: Broad strokes of what we offer but can't get elsewhere.

Q. [CHS] logistically going forward; in the situation somehow we don't get the clubroom should the GM see that we have a first preference or should we go to a GM?

[BOB]: Some very quick decisions will have to be made and I think as long as committee is very open on the communications channels it shouldn't be an issue.

[CHS]: Assuming there is enough time to make a decision; moves to hold a GM in the event that an outcome that would constitute a club decision.

> No Seconder

[MVP] previously we were offered a space in guild commercial space that was old UniPrint. The timeframe UCC had to resspond to that was hours to days. We did not have enough of an opportunity to run an AGM and run the space against the club as a whole. Due to the time we were unable to make that call. As long as the club remains transparent the club should be fine.

[TEC]: Having a formal motion will not help.

[MVP]: We do have a tone of channels to respond and keep the club in contact.

[MPT]: If you are interested in the committee or the running of the club subscribe to the committee @ mailing list.

[TAY]: Given that discord is not restricted; Please be very careful with what you say on it.Everything on our communications channels are public. There are past tenancy chairs and tenancy committee members who are on the discord  - please be polite. The guild are student representatives who still deserve respect. It is very important to remain respectful in publish channels.

[MPT]: Let's not air allegations defame people.

Q. [THA] Ideas for food/drink machines?

???: They are currently wired to Merlo.

[BOB]: Old guard has been looking into storage options in the meantime.

[MPT]: If the club goes dark; we loose our presence but we will find some way to keep some presence.

[TEC]: This entire process will be tough but no matter who you are, there will be a way you can help. Every effort will be very much appreciated.

[TBB]: Even if you didn't get onto committee, you are always encouraged and free to help out the club in what ever way you can or want to.

[MPT]: Our first event as a new committee will be as Artimus LAN this weekend.


  • Offers to run a Tech Talk

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