UCC Meeting on 20th October 2021

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2021-10-20

  • Last committee minutes uploaded to the website.


  • [TEC] Timothy Chapman, President
  • [MPT] James Arcus, Vice President
  • [BLU] Grace Fowler, Secretary
  • [LMH] Liam Hammond, Treasurer
  • [EGG] Alex Barker, Fresher Representative
  • [APA] Alistair Parkinson, Ordinary Committee Member
  • [LIZ] Elizabeth Thatcher


  • [HET] Nicholas Clements, Ordinary Committee Member
  • [OKC] Benjamin Wright, Ordinary Committee Member


Start Time

  • 13.18

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Thesis submitted! 🎉
  • Should actually have some time in a week or two...
  • Nothing new for now, things seem to be running fairly smoothly.

Vice President's Report

  • Was sick over weekend+extra, so haven't done much.
  • Attended the Institute of Data launch on behalf of UCC today.
  • Just speeches and refershments after, but was good to have the club there.
  • Also talked to an officer from WAPOL about wanting to talk to students about career opportunities.
    • Possible opportunity for an event (maybe joint with DSC?).
  • Attended a tech club quiz night meeting on Sunday while sick.
  • Things are progressing, more later.
  • Am going to finally buy my Halloween ticket.
  • Still planning on sending a "state of the club" email, hopefully today.

Secretary's Report

  • Can people please not have 2 random slots in the vending machine.
  • Been busy with personal life and Cam Hall-o-Ween.
  • Ok, who erased the question of the day?!

Treasurer's Report

Fresher Rep's Report

OCM Reports

Machine Technical Report


  • Commissioning started on new server, Machop.


  • Have not yet heard back from UniIT.
  • Hacking night yesterday on Active Directory.
  • This is the system that manages UCC member logins across machines.
  • Another hacking night next Tuesday.
    • ACTION [MPT]: We should announce it.



Action Items From Previous Meeting


  • Talk to Guild about server solutions.
  • Progressing (Ongoing).
  • Still nothing from Kelvin and Lauren.
  • Ongoing.
  • Poke James to poke people for action items.
  • Poking attempted, results unsatisfactory. Will repeat.
  • Ongoing.


  • Send [APA] prior work on sponsorship.
  • Not done.
  • Find the secretary keys for [BLU]
  • Not done.
  • Look into server cooling Australian company quotes.
  • Ongoing.
  • Give [BLU] the annual meeting minutes (Before the next GM)
  • Ongoing.
  • Ask Kelvin and Lauren about what's going on.
  • Ongoing.
  • Announce about the hacking night on Tuesday.
  • Ongoing.
  • Follow up on the IMC club prospectus email.
  • Ongoing.


  • Write up what the sponsorship pamphlet would look like.
  • Ongoing.
  • Follow up on the IMC club prospectus email.
  • Ongoing.


  • Talk to his father who works for Sales Force, about what they're willing to do.
  • Ongoing.
  • [BLU] will repeatedly ping [HET] and he will not respond.


  • Check which headphones are working
  • Ongoing.


  • Email door about enforcing the clubroom rules.
  • Ongoing.
  • Email tech list about tec talks.
  • Ongoing.


  • Order it at 10am.
  • Done.


  • Look into where we can get a vertical banner.
  • Ongoing.

New equipment

  • New server: machops
    • Need to make sure the bank transfer is in progress.
    • Got held up by the guild.

Drinks and Snacks

  • Vending machine was filled with 2 random and a Han Solo slot.
  • Please don't do that again.

External Entities


  • Not checked.


  • SOC meeting tonight, who can go?
  • Exec can't, [APA] will.


  • Busy bee went well.
  • Couches got cleaned, and have come up well.
  • Final cost was $340 from first quote $240 including a disinfect/deodourize.
    • The couches smelt a bit manky after the clean.
  • [MPT] Moves to: Approve reimbursement of the increased cost.

    • [EGG] seconds.
    • 5 in favour, 1 abstain.
    • [MPT] paid by bank transfer on the day, treasurer pls reimburse.
  • We cleaned and vacuumed the room.

  • Also vacuumed and swept the loft while the couches were blocking the room.

  • The full attendance/apologies list for the busy bee is on the board.

  • [BLU] will record the attendance in terminal.

Other Affairs


Tech Talks

  • Police is interested in talking to students about data science related careears.
  • [MPT] will look into it.

Cameron Hall-o-Ween

  • Poster is done.
  • We need to advertise on Discord and Facebook.
  • People can reserve tickets on eventbrite and pay in the clubroom or on the night.


  • 3D print glow in the dark pyramids for a quiz night prize?
  • We have a template, need to find it.

  • Ahcohol permission got delayed, need to email them our risk managment plan and about a site visit.

  • What tech and games do we want to bring and how will we set it up?

  • VR
    • Should download some mods for Beatsaber.
  • Some desktops, but emphasis to bring your laptop.
  • Bring our projector?

Tech Clubs Quiz Night

General Business

  • [NTU]: Transfer of $1650 budgetted in 2021-09-29.txt - not seen, still ACTION'ed?
  • See earlier in the meeting.

  • Previous confidential complaint.

  • [MPT] will handle it.

  • There was an email from IMC about club prospectus.

  • ACTION [MPT] and [APA] to follow up on the email.

End Time

  • 13.48