hello, and welcome to my new and redesigned page
i have a list of my machines and other stuff to do with them _here_

anyway here are some of the current stuff i am working/thinking/procrastinating about

Attack of the Dronez A Experimental noise piece using Arduinos and no-input mixing
SamplerBox on Rasberry Pi Some testing with SamplerBox, for the rasberry Pi
Using a 0.96" OLED I2C Display Notes on getting a 0.96" OLED I2C connected display working
XMC_2GO_XMC1100 Experiments Notes on using the Infineon XMC1100 XMC_2GO dev board
Rasberry Pi and LinuxSampler Some experimentation with Rasberry Pi's and Audio
Programs a collection of programs that i have written, completely random stuff
Electronics Electronics projects that i have designed/ theorised over and other such related crap
Music more crap mp3's made by me to join the plethroa of crap music thats already out there
Other Stuff other stuff..contact details and stuff like pics, bad art, ideas and stuff
My Google Sites Page I have a google sites page, where i've put up some other experiments and things such as capacitive touch and stienberg avalon stuff
Kali-Arm on Chromebook Some notes on building kail-arm for a Samsung ARM chromebook


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