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Machine Translations
Venus Traps Fly

Released in 2004


Alternative Pop/Rock

Song Highlights
Nothing really stands out

Venus Traps Fly has the same laid back feel as its predecesor, Happy, with the songs generally giving a sense of lazy contentment. The vocals are almost hypnotically relaxing, sung in a plodding, rhythmically consistent style. The backing is predominantly light guitar & sparsely used electronic effects, used in a looping style which complement the vocals nicely. The overall sound never approaches anything even remotely abraisive.

The problem is that every track on Venus Traps Fly follows this blueprint to the letter. None of the tracks stand out, because none of them sound particularly different to the rest of the album. There's little in the way of deviation from the repetitive style, so there are very few genuinely memorable moments. Being consistent doesn't make the music bad, it just decreases the chances of it having any lasting impact.

This is exactly the problem that made Happy less than great, but at least that album had two standout tracks - the singles "Amnesia" and "She Wears a Mask". Those two songs had just enough unique charm to make them noticable, but two good songs is not enough to make a good album. Venus Traps Fly doesn't have any particularly noteworthy songs, so it ends up being even more disappointing.

This may sound harsh, but it's entirely reasonable. It's very frustrating to hear an artist with such obvious talent restrict themself in this way - by being pleasantly enjoyable in the short term, but repetitive and uninspiring in the long term. I rarely listen to my copy of Happy in its entirety any more, and I suspect Venus Traps Fly will be no different.