Gopher Sites

Gopher is a menu-based information retrieval protocol.  This is a list of links, mainly from a book called Using Gopher, to a variety of Gopher sites around the world.

Note: Most of these links point to the main Gopher menu at a particular site, as the directories weren't listed.  The appropriate menu shouldn't be too far down the hierarchy though.  Who knows... I may eventually get around to filling in the directories for sites that aren't good for much else except the topic that they are listed under.



Wasington University Archive
Internet Wiretap
Illuminati Online
The Steve Jackson Games gopher site


University of Minnesota
American Heart Association

Jokes and Stuff

New Mexico Tech
Camosun College

Internet Tools

University of Minnesota
McMaster University


Center for Inovative Computing Applications
University of Michigan
Lancaster University
Gopher Jewels&tm; at the University of Southern California


Exploratorium Gopher
Smithsonian Institute
U.C. Berkeley Museum of Paleontology

Sound Files

Hearts of Space
Grateful Dead

SunSITE, University of North Carolina

Online books

The Gutenberg Project
The Online Book Inititative
The Electronic Newstand
The WELL (Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link)

US Government Information

Counterpoint Publishing
Electronic Government Information Service

UseNet News archives

Weather maps

The University of Illinois Weather Machine
Purdue WXP Gopher

Job postings (US)

For sale/want to buy

The Human Factor
Texas Metronet

Sample hobby sites
VeloNet -- The Global Cycling Network
Texas Agricultural Extension
Texas A & M University (ham radio archives)


The United Nations
Moon Travel Handbooks
The Internet Hunt
This is a "MOO" (MUD [Multi User Dungeon] Object Oriented) that lets you interact with rooms and objects as if you were in a MUD.  There is a built-in Gopher client here. 
  • A GopherMOO ftp archive
  • Veronica

    Veronica is a Gopher-based method of searching for information on all the Gopher sites known to a particular Gopher.  Once you have selected a search item (identified by a magnifying glass), type in your search text.  Compound searches may be done using the AND, OR, NOT and ( ) operators.  -m# may be used to specify the number of items to return and -tcodes may be used to limit the search to items with one of the specified codes.  A list of these single-character codes follows:
    CodeItem description
    0 Plain text file
    1 Directory (folder)
    2 Phone book search
    4 Macintosh BINHEX (.hqx) file
    5 Archive file
    6 UUEncoded file
    7 Text index search (e.g. Veronica)
    8 Telnet session
    T TN3270 session (weirdo terminal)
    9 Binary MS-DOS file
    g GIF image
    I Other Image file
    H html file (WWW document)
    P Adobe PDF
    s Sound file
    University of Manitoba
    UNINETT/University of Bergen
    University of Pisa
    University of Cologne
    Manchester University
    University of Minnesota
    Keio University
    America Online
    SURFnet, Netherlands
    Tachyon Communications, Florida
    University of Stuttgart
    University of Texas, Dallas
    Univesrity of New Brunswick
    Cygnus Technologies


    Johnson K., P. Baczewski and M. Childs (1995)  Using Gopher.
    Que Corporation: Indianapolis IN
    The Macmillan Information SuperLibrary&tm;