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Enjoy programming? Want to compete for great prizes? Then read on..

The UCC Programming Competition

This September we'll be holding the first annual UCC programming competition. We're going to provide great prizes, and several challenges will be posed. Categories will include graphical programming (such as games) and algorithms.

There are a lot of interesting programming languages out there. For the major challenge you can choose from Java, C, C++, Perl or Python. Other languages might be usable, but we don't guarantee it! For some of the minor challenges you'll be able to choose any language we can run. All entries will be run on a dual Intel Celeron running either Linux or FreeBSD.

The judges will give away spot prizes and judge the winners of major prizes. So come along and have fun! We'll provide free food and drinks :-)


  • When: 12pm September 2nd until 12pm the next day
  • Where: Cameron Hall Loft
  • How much: Entry is free for all UCC members. And if you're not a member, you can get cheap membership on the day.

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