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Released in 1997


Alternative Pop/Rock

Song Highlights
Everyday Formula
The World of Sleaze
Just Another Beautiful Story

Regurgitator recieved equal ammounts praise and criticism for the 1997 change-of-direction "Unit". The album represented a huge shift in style for the band, from an eclectic mix of punk-rock, hiphop and alt-rock to the synth-pop found here.

There are guitars here. But they're very, very fuzzy. The riff from "Everyday Formula" sounds light, almost cartoonish, compared to anything off "Tu Plang." Songs like "!" and "Polyester Girl" are almost entirely electronic. They sound like they should be Top 40 hits, and to the dismay of Tu Plang era Regurgitator fans everywhere, they were.

Don't let this deter you though. "Unit" may be a pop album, but to the credit of the band, it's a pretty good one. Quan and Ben try to focus less on serious issues as they have previously, and focus more on having a good time. The songs are catchy, fun and still have enough creativity to be enjoyable to people who don't take their cues from the Top 40.

There's a few rock tracks - "Modern Life" is a straightforward rock number without a synthesiser in sight, and those fuzzy guitars in "Everyday Formula" are still pretty loud.

Overall, "Unit" is not as good an album as "Tu Plang" - the songs are less imaginitive, and are lacking the eclectic weirdness that made the 1995 debut so great. That being said, Unit is still a very solid pop-rock album.