Experimental Dapper and suspend2 packages

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The suspend2 dapper kernels have now moved into a repository. The repository lives here. Instructions for using the repository are below.

Quick start for the full Ubuntu experience (ie, usplash too):

  1. Add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list:
    deb http://dagobah.ucc.asn.au/ubuntu-suspend2 dapper/
  2. Run apt-get update
  3. Run apt-get install suspend2
  4. Add "resume2=swap:/dev/hdaX" to the kopt= line in /boot/grub/menu.lst - remember to change hdaX to where your swap partition really is (run swapon -s to find out), and then run sudo update-grub. Note that the line seems to be commented out - that's correct. It gets interpreted by update-grub and applied to each kernel image.
  5. Restart with the new kernel.
  6. Run sudo hibernate

The suspend2 package is actually a metapackage that installs:

List of known issues:

Contacting me: I'd love to hear feedback on how useful these kernels are to people, or if they break horribly. I can be contacted at bernard at blackham dot com dot au, or you can seek help on the suspend2 mailing list - suspend2-users@lists.suspend2.net.